Frontier Ranch is ALWAYS a good idea! No one races couches like Young Life! Young Life Camp is Selfies are IN Summer Camp... Weekend Camp... It's ALL good! Did you know that Young Life has a Cycling Team?


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Young Life Camp...

In just a few weeks we'll be announcing our Summer 2015 Camp Trips!

Check back soon.

We Need Leaders! Could God Be Speaking to YOU?!

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Upcoming Events
FUNdraiser, Tuesday March 31
Fellowship Bible Church
5434 E 91st St
6:30 PM
It's Free!  Register here:
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The Next BIG thing on our calendar is the Spring FUNdraiser.
In the past, you may have attended the Banquet, or the Round-Up, or the Revue... It's the same thing!

Come join us at Fellowship Bible Church at 6:30 PM on March 31st.  Hear what's happening with the ministry of Young Life in Tulsa and hear what's going to be happening in the future.
It's Free!  Register here:​